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Joan Cuní Producer provides production services for stills around Spain to photographers, production companies, advertising agencies, editorials as well as to direct clients. Whatever the briefing, no matter the size of the project or the budget, we support you with tailored cost-effective solutions.

Our services include research, consulting, production management and coordination, budgeting, scheduling, negotiating contracts, casting, talent negotiation, location research, handling of permits and insurances, renting studios and equipment, catering, organizing travel itineraries and ground transportation/logistics.

In the earliest stage of a project we provide a clear and detailed cost estimate adapted to the client´s budget and during all production process we keep a fluent two-way communication with the client.

Since 2000 we work for international clients with reliability, commitment and enthusiasm for what we do.

We help to find the most suitable location for your project offering objective advice and free consulting to our constantly updated location´s database. If needed we also provide location scouting through our professional and experienced location scouters. We take care of all permits, rate negotiations, security and insurance issues and all other aspects related to your selected location.

We are glad to support all kind of photo productions and make things easier from the earliest stages of the project.

Depending on each project needs, it can be managed by just one producer or a consolidated production team and supported by an active network of industry specialists around the country: hair and makeup artists, stylist for props and wardrobe, set designers and builders, photo assistants, digital technicians, model makers, electricians, grips, drivers, car technicians, stunt people, security personnel, sports coaches, animal trainers and model agencies.

Every project is different for us and when putting a crew together, we carefully consider many important aspects as speciality, talent, temperament and personalities. We make sure the right people are working together so that the shoot is not only successful, but also enjoyable. We are committed to producing smooth, efficient and stress-free shoots.